Great minds.

Great solutions.


A common problem we see in organisations is a lot of busy work that fails to move the team or the organsation forward. We see a lot of measurement of things that are easy to measure, not necessarily important. And we see a lot of lost opportunities due to a lack of understanding of the whole organisation or the market they are operating in. 

Kombine was founded in 2017 by Erik Näslund as he saw a need for organisations to work and identify such opportunities. The core idea is to create value through combination of people, team, technology and opportunities. Something we pride ourselves to have done successfully at several companies.


We provide consulting services with the purpose to elevate your business. We drive value from ideation and concepts to fully operational business. We usually take leading roles in projects, products or business units. We also do coaching for leadership teams, individuals and teams who want to take the next step in their performance.


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